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EPA Low flow sampling requirements suggest sampling between 200-500 mls per minute. Its a good thing we can get you down to as low as 10 mls per minute!

Our approach at Groundwater Essentials is simple! We focus on groundwater! We keep up with industry requirements and procedures. Taking it a step further, our client feed-back drives our continually growing product line.

With the world-focus on GOING GREEN In two words, that defines our mission. No gas generators, air compressors or electricity needed for any of our products Safe, reliable, innovative, and simple products for client satisafaction! The way it was meant to be.

Clients using our products: USGS, EPA, DEP, DEC, DEQ *White papers available for our 12 volt stainless steel pump line. request white papers

So whether you are using our equipment to sample, purge, pump test, pump and treat, remediate, or dedicate. Dont hesitate. We would be happy to guide you to the best fit for your application.

Helping you get the job done right the first time!
Dependable & Lightweight- Easy-to-use 12 volt Groundwater pumps. Building on over 18 years in business, Proactive Environmental Products understands your needs for reliable, accurate, and efficient groundwater pumps.
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