.45 Inline Micron Filters Selecting the cm² Filter Media for Your Needs Simplified

By: Julie Rose, Groundwater Essentials General Manager

Why.45 micron filters are the Groundwater Standard

A micron is a unit of measurement. A micron rating for a fluid filter relates to its pore size and is a generalized way to indicate the ability of the filter’s capacity to capture particles. In simple terms, micron rating {example: .45} relates to filter efficiency to capture small particles. The smaller the micron, the smaller the pore, the more efficient the filter is with capturing smaller particles. The groundwater standard use of .45 micron filters has been deemed effective for groundwater sampling because it …

Bailer Performance Based on Material Density

Does Material Density Affect Bailers’ Performance?

Polyethylene Density Approximately .94 / PVC Density 1.39

By: Julie Rose, Groudwater Essentials General Manager

 So what does the .94 vs. 1.39 material densities mean to you in terms of bailer performance – and inadvertently cost? You may be familiar with Low Density Polyethylene tubing vs. High Density Polyethylene tubing and have a pretty good idea of the differences. But have you ever considered how material density directly correlates to bailer performance? 

Let’s give an example. If I were to engineer a buoyant devise – let’s say, a rubber duck but using Polyethylene …

How do I Identify Subtle Leaks in Our Profit?

Environmental Professionals FAQ:

Suppliers: Helping or Hindering Your Bottom Line?

By: Julie Rose, Groundwater Essentials General Manager

For most Environmental Professionals, the great-outdoors is their office, and their tools are environmental equipment. Evaluating and identifying where the not-so-obvious profit leaks occur requires time and consideration, but it is a process well worth doing. It starts with how suppliers can either help or hinder your bottom line.

The Supplier: Order Takers vs. Consultative Sales

Order Takers Defined: One who gives you a ‘steal of a deal’ and takes an order without qualifying questions. Order takers have minimal product knowledge …

The True Benefits of Utilizing Dedicated Groundwater Pumps

By: Julie Rose, Groundwater Essentials General Manager

If you’re a hydrologist, geologist, or environmental manager whose job function involves groundwater sampling, you may have considered using dedicated groundwater pumps in your operation. But if you’re like many of the professionals we work with on a daily basis, you might be unfamiliar with the not-so-obvious advantages dedicated groundwater pumps have to offer and may still be apprehensive of costs. This article will explore some of the many dedicated groundwater pump benefits:

 Simplified Pre-Field Preparation and Logistics – Unlike non-dedicated portable pumps/equipment, dedicated groundwater pumps are designed to permanently remain in …

Environmental Professionals’ Frequently Asked Questions

“Are Dedicated Pumps Beneficial For My Groundwater Sampling Program?”

Implications of Using Dedicated Pumps for Groundwater Sampling

By: Julie Rose, Groundwater Essentials General Manager

Often we hear customers express apprehension or hesitation when at first considering if using dedicated pumps makes good sense for their groundwater sampling program. Groundwater Essentials thought it to be beneficial to pass along conclusive insight as to when dedicating pumps makes sense. This information is based on environmental consultant and site owner’s experience now that they have made the switch to dedicated pumps. The following addresses the short-and long-term implications utilizing dedicated pumps can …